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Garage Insulation

Why not turn your garage into a conditioned living space? Want to make your garage comfortable for working out, arts & crafts or building? Adding cellulose insulaiton to your garage is the key.

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Garage Insulation

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YES! You Should Insulate Your Garage

The garage is such a great space in the home for activities, for storing valuable goods and a great space for working on projects. Adding blown in stabilized cellulose insulation to your garage can turn this space into an area that can be used year-round, day or night. Why not take advantage of this fabulous additional space of your home or business? It makes perfect sense to insulate your garage and make it one of the most used areas of your home.

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Other Benefits Of Putting Insulation In Your Garage

In addition to creating an amazing space in your home for additional activities, there are other benefits to adding cellulose insulation to your garage, including cost savings.

Most of us store seasonal decorations, camping equipment, bikes and more in our garage. Humidity and extreme temperature conditions can cause rust and damages that greatly diminish the value of these items. When storing in a space that is protected with insulation, these items have a much better chance of surviving the outdoor elements while in storage.

If you like to work on projects in your garage or use your garage as a workshop, your neighbors and family members will greatly appreciate the reduction in noise transmission as a result of a properly insulated garage. Reducing noise is an overall benefit to cellulose insulation, especially in your walls, and offers the same benefits in the garage.

What About The Garage Door?

When adding cellulose insulation to your garage, including the garage door is a smart idea to add maximum protection. A thin metal or wooden garage door will allow transmission of air between the indoor and outdoor spaces, causing the inside of the garage to become hot or cold and also introduces moisture, which can cause other issues with the items stored in your garage.

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We are often asked if our blown in cellulose insulation is better than spay in foam insulation. The answer is an absolute “Yes!” The many benefits of using cellulose insulation far outweigh the negatives; however, we will never give a customer something they don’t need. The best way to determine if our blown in cellulose insulation will benefit your particular needs is to let us come out, take a look and provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimate.

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